Facility Rentals

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Discover all the facility rental opportunities available through City of Livonia for all your party, reunion, meeting, wedding and gathering needs.

Linked Location
Info Phone
Ben Celani (Bicentennial Park)1 Outdoor Pavilion80(734) 466-2414
Clements Circle Park1 Outdoor Pavilion30(734) 466-2414
Mies Park1 Outdoor Pavilion30(734) 466-2414
Rotary Park5 Outdoor Pavilions30-200(734) 466-2414
Stymelski Veterans Park1 Outdoor Pavilion80(734) 466-2414
Shelden Park1 Outdoor Pavilion30(734) 466-2414
Various Parks - Special Use Permit
OutdoorsVaries(734) 466-2900
Ball Diamond (3+ parks)
10+ Ball DiamondsVaries
(734) 466-2414
Soccer Field (2 parks)
9 Soccer FieldsVaries
(734) 466-2414
Sand Volleyball Court (4 parks)
9 Sand Volleyball CourtsVaries
(734) 466-2414
Greenmead Blue House1 Building99(248) 477-7375
Greenmead Newburg Church1 Building120(248) 477-7375
Greenmead Friends Meeting House
1 Building40(248) 477-7375
Bennett Civic Center Library1 Auditorium290(734) 466-2452
Bennett Civic Center Library4 Meeting Rooms12-36(734) 466-2452
Sandburg Library1 Meeting Room50(248) 893-4010
Kirksey Recreation Center5 Meeting Rooms20-72(734) 466-2900
Kirksey Recreation Center^4+ Gyms/Studios
(734) 466-2900
Civic Park Senior Center^4 Meeting Rooms12-220(734) 466-2555

^Only available to organizations, not for parties.

Park Pavilions

Pavilion Opens in new windowLivonia Parks offer pavilions for events of all sizes, available for rent from May 1 to Sept. 30. There are 10 different pavilions available between six different parks.

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, starting at 5 a.m. at the Kirksey Recreation Center (15100 Hubbard), residents will be able to reserve (in-person only) a timeslot to rent a pavilion for the 2024 season. Reservation timeslots will be available at 7 a.m. that morning and are scheduled every five minutes.

Starting at 6 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 7, open dates will be available to both residents and non-residents. Reservations may be made at the Kirksey Recreation Center and online.

Payment is due at the time of reservation, and all applications can be completed online or in-person, and fees paid before a permit will be issued. Pavilions are available for rent from May 1 through Sept. 30. All pavilion applications must be submitted and all fees paid at least seven days in advance of the rental date. 

Visit Livonia.gov/1569 for all park pavilion rental info. For questions, please contact Ethan Engel at eengel@livonia.gov or (734) 466-2414


Stymelski Veterans Park Special Event Opens in new windowA Special Use Permit is defined as an activity or event held on City of Livonia property where the event will interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic and is beyond regular park usage, where a higher concern exists for the protection of participants, users and/or property. Examples include:

  1. Any public event
  2. Any event with an attendance of over 250 people
  3. Any private event serving as a fundraiser
  4. Any event where items, products, or services will be sold.
  5. Run/Walk/Race
  6. Concert
  7. Fair/Festival

To apply for a Special Use Permit, please read the information in the packet at the bottom of Livonia.gov/1569 carefully and complete the application and required attachments. The application packet includes instructions and guidelines developed to guide applicants/organizations through the process. All applicants should familiarize themselves with the actual park policies and ordinances and laws referenced in this document. 

If you are interested in using a Park Pavilion, please reserve the pavilion as soon as you can. If your Special Use Application is not approved, the pavilion fee will be refunded. 

Visit Livonia.gov/1569 for all special use park rental info. Questions can be directed to Ethan Engel at eengel@livonia.gov.

Athletic Fields

Bicentennial Court and Diamond Opens in new windowThe Livonia Parks and Recreation athletic fields may be reserved from April 17–Oct. 31, weather permitting. The maintenance of these fields and facilities will be on a limited basis before May 1 and after Sept. 30. We have ball diamonds, soccer fields and sand volleyball courts available in various sizes, perfect for various age groups of baseball, softball, cricket, soccer, football, lacrosse, volleyball and more!

For 2024, ball diamond rentals open Jan. 15, soccer fields Jan. 29 and sand volleyball courts Feb. 26.

Visit Livonia.gov/1869 for all athletic field rental info. Questions can be directed to Ethan Engel at eengel@livonia.gov.

Greenmead Historical Park

Greenmead Church Opens in new windowGreenmead offers a unique, historic setting for your many special event needs. Three buildings for private rentals bring a unique flair to any special occasion. Buildings are not available for rental on holidays. Summer 2023 rentals are available starting Jan. 3, 2023.

Visit Livonia.gov/227 for all Greenmead facility rental info. Please place a request online or call (248) 477-7375 with any questions or to schedule a building tour (by Monday-Friday appointment only).

Bennett Civic Center Library

Library Auditorium Opens in new windowBennett Civic Center Library has a conference wing with four meeting rooms and an auditorium. Individual meeting rooms can accommodate up to 24 people with tables and chairs, or about 35 people with chairs only.

Three of the meeting rooms can be combined to accommodate larger groups. The auditorium seats 290 people. There is also a small meeting room on the third floor at Bennett Civic Center that can host up to 12 people.

Visit LivoniaLibrary.info/meeting-rooms for library room rental info. Please contact Margaret Hainsworth at (734) 466-2452 or mhainsworth@livoniapubliclibrary.org for availability and to confirm reservations. 

Sandburg LIBRARY

Carl Sandburg Library has a meeting room that can accommodate up to 50 people.

Visit LivoniaLibrary.info/meeting-rooms for library room rental info. Please call (248) 893-4010 for availability and to confirm reservations.


Rec MAC Gym Opens in new windowThe Kirksey Recreation Center offers two options for party rentals:

Single RoomDouble Room
Capacity20 people35 people
AvailabilityNoon-3 p.m. Sat. or Sun.1-4 p.m. Sat. or Sun.
Member Rate$285$420
Resident Rate$320$450
Non-Resident Rate$640$900

For more details on party room rentals, check out our party rental guidelines.

Parties at the Rec Flyer Opens in new window

Limited gym and room rentals are available for organizational meetings and private sports activities. A minimum of two weeks advance notice is required to reserve facility space.

For more questions or information on rentals, please call the Kirksey Recreation Center at (734) 466-2900.


Senior Center Opens in new windowThe Civic Park Senior Center does not offer party rentals of any kind.

Limited room rentals are available for organizational meetings. A minimum of 30 days advance notice is required to reserve facility space. Rooms are not available for rentals from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

For more questions or information on rentals, please call the Civic Park Senior Center at (734) 466-2555.