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The Livonia Historic Preservation Commission’s responsibility is to safeguard the heritage of the City by preserving historic resources that reflect elements of the City's history, architecture, archaeology, engineering and/or culture.  Code of Ordinances


To be a leader in Southeast Michigan in regards to the ongoing preservation of Livonia's heritage, through the protection of it's historic resources, as well as through the Commission's certified status.


  • Elizabeth Calhoun, Chair
         Year Appointed: 2018
  • Brandon Kritzman, Vice-Chair
         Year Appointed: 2022
  • Kathleen Johnson-Bartshe, Secretary
         Year Appointed: 1999
  • Jessica Katers
         Year Appointed: 2022
  • Kristin Braun Waterbury
         Year Appointed: 2019

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In accordance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it pertains to access to Public Meetings, the City Clerk’s Office of the City of Livonia, upon adequate notice, will make reasonable accommodations for persons with special needs. If you need assistance, please call (734) 466-2236 or email the Clerk.