Virginia B. Matley Nature TrailThis trail provides an opportunity to stroll among the lively greenery and see local wildlife. The trail is just over a ½ mile long and includes locations where a person can sit and enjoy the wildlife and nature.

About the Trail

The trail is open year-round during daylight hours. The trail is located on the west side of the Community Gardens.

Step in and explorer this little piece of nature!

Virginia B. Matley Nature Trail SignVirginia B. Matley

Virginia B. Matley was a dedicated member of the Livonia Garden Club from 1976 till her passing in 2000. She was very dedicated to sprucing up her park and helped develop and maintain the gardens. She also provided guided tours of the gardens. 


This trail was dedicated May 19, 2002, in her memory and was jointly developed by the Livonia Garden Club, a number of local Boy Scouts and the City of Livonia.