Plymouth Road / Priscilla Lane Shopping Area


This shopping area is located on the north side of Plymouth Road west of Priscilla Lane. Wayne Road intersects Plymouth Road on the opposite side of the street. The shopping area was selected because of the expanded right-of-way from the centerline at this location (86.5 feet) and the proximity of the Wayne Road intersection.

Presently each of the properties within the project area have separate curb cuts and access to Plymouth Road. The terrace area is landscaped with a slight berm along the street.

Specific Design Aspects

Landscaped Median

The concept design envisions the closure and consolidation of curb cuts to form a primary entrance to the site opposite the Wayne Road intersection. The entrance would be designed as a boulevard with a landscaped median. The terrace would be landscaped with grass and street trees and corridor lights would be installed.


To screen vehicles parked along the front setback a brick screen wall would be installed. The ends of the screen wall would incorporate a decorative post assembly. The interior parking lot would be oriented from east to west with 90 degree parking spaces and landscaped islands. The lot would consist of 187 parking spaces.

An area between the retail stores and Color Tile could accommodate a potential development infill opportunity. If the potential plaza area opposite the primary entrance is not utilized, then an additional 40 parking spaces could be installed.