Permits & Licenses


All cats and dogs must be licensed by the City. A pet license will only be issued with a copy of a valid rabies vaccination certificate. License fees are $8 for a neutered pet or $11 for a non-neutered pet.  Licenses are renewable every February 28. After June 1, an $11 late fee, in addition to the license fee, will apply except for new residents or new pets.

Garage / estate Sales

Garage and estate sales are permitted in the City, but residents must obtain a permit and have it on hand during all sales days.  Sales are permitted for six consecutive days. Two sales are permitted per year. Sales must be four weeks apart. The permit for the first sale is $5; the permit for the second sale is $10.

Business Licenses

Certain businesses in Livonia are required to obtain a license.  The license fee differs depending on the type of business. The fee schedule for most licenses are as follows: