Annual Report

The City of Livonia has released its 2022 Annual Report, titled "Our Impact." 

Thank you for taking some time to review “Our Impact: City of Livonia 2022 Annual Report.” Each page in this year’s report highlights ways City employees impacted the lives of our residents, the strength of our neighborhoods and the success of our business community.

More than 600 City employees have worked diligently to build on the quality and scale of City services offered to our community. This report is a celebration of their collective achievements.

While there are striking statistics across nearly every page of this report, I want to bring particular attention to several notable achievements. 

- In 2022, we completed the process of addressing our public safety personnel shortage. Both the Livonia Police Department and Livonia Fire & Rescue are fully staffed, with the Police Department filling more than 19 positions in 2022. Our fundamental role as a municipal government is to keep our residents safe, and our commitment to staffing these departments shows we are making an impact and meeting that responsibility. While other public safety departments face serious staffing challenges, the Livonia Police and Fire Departments have established themselves as the premier public safety agencies in our area.

- We are making impactful, record-setting investments in the Livonia Public Library system. These infrastructure projects have and will put $3.3 million into the Bennett Civic Center and Sandburg libraries, including new HVAC systems, roof repairs and replacements, and interior improvements. We are committed to our library system’s future, and our patrons have already started seeing the benefits.

- We delivered on our goal of advocating for our fair share of funding roads projects, with 17 lane miles of construction on Middle Belt, Merriman, Farmington and Schoolcraft in 2022 through the support of our Wayne County partners. Our Department of Public Works also completed another successful season of neighborhood street projects, supported by the community’s overwhelming renewal of our Livonia streets millage this past year.

These are just a few of the highlights. I am sure you will feel a similar sense of pride as I do when you review “Our Impact: 2022 City of Livonia Annual Report.”

 - Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan