Public Hearing Notices

  1. Proposed Special Assessment Street Lighting Project
  2. Proposed Special Assessment Street Lighting Project 
  3. North side of Seven Mile Road between I-275/96






A PUBLIC HEARING will be held in the auditorium at Livonia City Hall, 33000 Civic Center Drive, Livonia, Michigan on WEDNESDAY, February 26, 2020, at 7:00 P.M. on the Proposed Special Assessment Street Lighting Project for the Dover Court Site Condominiums, located south of Ann Arbor Trail, between Wayne Road and Norwich, in the Southwest ¼ of Section 33. To Determine Necessity, pursuant to Chapter 08 of Title 3 of the Livonia Code of Ordinances, as amended, entitled “Special Assessment Procedure Ordinance.”

You are further notified that the City Engineer has filed with the City Clerk plans and specifications for the proposed improvement, together with a statement showing a description of the proposed district, the estimated cost of the improvement, ownership of parcels within such district, the assessed valuation of such parcels, his recommendation as to assessment for such improvement and other information required by Section 3.08.060 of the Livonia Code of Ordinances, as amended, which statement is available for your examination in the office of the City Clerk.

                                                                                               SUSAN M. NASH, CITY CLERK                                     


PUBLISH:   Thursday, February 13, 2020 

Title II

In accordance with Title II of the American with Disabilities Act as it pertains to access to Public Meetings, the City Clerk's Office of the City of Livonia, upon adequate notice, will make reasonable accommodations for persons with special needs. If you need assistance, please call (734) 466-2236 or contact the Clerk


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