How do I obtain a Plot Plan?

If you’re applying for a building permit you may be asked to produce a plot plan. While this can cause some confusion, a plot plan is really just the same thing as a site plan—it’s a two-dimensional, overhead view of a property with details like property lines, structures, easements, and landscapes.

The main two ways of securing Plot Plan are having Land Surveyor come out to draw one or getting one through an online resource. See, Working with a Surveyor and Working with an Online Plot Plan Provider.

Working with a Surveyor

You will need to contact a Land Surveyor. They will come out to your property and draw an up-to-date plot plan. They will also use resources such as county maps and property deeds to determine the boundaries of your property. You should work with an experienced and licensed surveyor. You can find surveyors locally by searching for land surveyors online.

Working with an Online Plot Plan Provider

Ordering a plot plan online is an option depending on how much detail you need. They will use a combination of satellite imagery, GIS information, county parcel maps, and other information that you provide to get you a PDF of an up-to-date, accurate plot plan.

However, this method might not be suitable if the permit for your project specifically asks for a land survey, so check the requirements. 

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