Park Rules

  1. Park hours are 6 a.m. – Dusk
  2. No littering or dumping
  3. No alcohol is permitted unless an alcohol permit is issued
  4. Animals must be kept on a leash and under control of the owner
  5. No motor vehicles on trails or paths
  6. No amplified and loud music unless permitted
  7. No carving, cutting or removal of trees or other natural vegetation
  8. No trapping, capture or frightening of any wild or domestic animals
  9. Pollution of water resources, pools, fountains, ponds, streams or sewers is prohibited
  10. Fires shall be built in designated places only
  11. Use of fireworks without a permit is prohibited
  12. Commercial activities prohibited without prior written approval from the Parks and Recreation Commission
  13. Playing or practicing of archery or golf, flying motor-driven model air craft, drones, or launch any type of device, regardless of the power source is prohibited
  14. Tents, portable grills, inflatables and large groups (20+) require permit
  15. No livestock/farm animals are permitted