Livonia Junior Athletic League

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The purpose of this league is to provide youths ages 8 to 14, who reside in Livonia or Clarenceville School Districts, an opportunity to play organized baseball, basketball and football. Emphasis is placed on promoting sportsmanship, citizenship, and the physical development of all youths.

  • Non-competitive or " minor" divisions are organized for youths to participate in and enjoy team play.  There are no try-outs and all youths are guaranteed playing time.
  • Competitive or "major" teams are very competitive and all youths must try-out. There is no guarantee of playing time. Youths not selected to a major team will be placed on a minor team that has room.

  • All youths are required to register in the unit they reside in as shown on the map. 
  • All youths are provided a full uniform, trophy, and team picture (major team uniforms must be returned). 
  • The Livonia Junior Athletic League has a no refund policy.
  • Placement on a team is based on geographic location and a first-come, first-served basis.

Any questions should be directed to the "unit" director in your area.