Neighborhood Green Project

Neighborhood Green ProjectThe push to go green is building up more momentum all the time. You don’t have to wait for the movement to come to you though, you can start a green initiative of your own to inspire others. One of the best ways to do this is to start a green community project in your local neighborhood. Here are four great ideas you can use to start a green neighborhood project right away. 

Saving the planet requires us to work together. You can help make this vision possible by doing your part. Sometimes it takes extra work to recruit helping hands to help you complete these projects. However if you are persistent in showing your passion for the planet, people are sure to join in and will soon share that same passion. Get started today with one of these four smart initiatives!

Start a Recycling Program

If your community’s waste management program does not pick up recycling, then you need to start a recycling project in your neighborhood immediately. You can set out big plastic bins in a central area of the neighborhood to collect the various types of recycling items. There should be bins for glass, aluminum, newspaper, regular paper, cardboard and plastic. You can then make weekly trips to your closest recycling center to empty the bins.

Depending on the size of your neighborhood or area that is without recycling options, another idea is to write a letter or speak to a member of your city council about this. If you bring this to their attention and perhaps get other neighbors to back you up, they may be able to help you get funding for a recycling program for the area. 

Start a Sharing Program

Instead of throwing old things away, you can start a local sharing program in your neighborhood. You can use your garage to store old clothing, appliances and other items that you and your neighbors can no longer use. When you have some items collected, set up times during the week when anyone can come by and look through these items to see if there is anything they would like. This is a good way to reduce the amount of trash in your local landfill. 

A Local Garden

If there is a local vacant lot in your neighborhood, this is the perfect spot to start a community garden. If you have a big backyard, you can use it as well. You may even want to use your front yard. Starting a community garden is a smart way to join the local food movement and go green.

For this project, you will needs plenty of helping hands, the proper tools, and some experienced builders. Professional contractors suggest using tools like Jet Machinery products and accessories when putting together garden boxes, compost bins, or a large shed. Jet Parts and options make it easy to build the structures you need for your community garden, and they should always be used by someone who is familiar with these kinds of tools. 

Local Clean Up Days

Organizing a local clean-up day is another great green initiative you can spearhead. Word of mouth is a great way to spread your idea for clean-up days, but today, social media is another avenue for getting a large group of people to participate in something.

If you want to start a campaign like this, you can plan to get everyone together on a Saturday to clean up some area of the community that is dirty or could use some “beautification.” Places you can start are parks, creeks and local schools. The more people you get to participate, the more fun it will be for everyone—it won't seem like work if everyone pitches in. This is a quick way to help clean up the space you live in, and unify your neighborhood at the same time.