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Calculate Your Ecological Footprint

There are a number of tools on the internet to help you calculate your ecological or carbon footprint. However, one free tool stands above the rest. It is comprehensive, peer-reviewed and best of all, free! The team from the Cool Climate Network at UC Berkeley have created this free tool for you to use, and it provides a comprehensive audit and actionable plan for you to reduce your carbon footprint.

You can find the full calculator at the Cool Climate Network website. Available both for individuals and businesses, this tool will help you to lower your ecological footprint and give you the most accessible ways for you to lower your environmental impact!

Livonia Community Emergency Response Team

The Livonia Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program educates citizens about disaster preparedness for hazards that could impact our area, and trains them in basic disaster response skills. Go to the Community Services page on the Livonia Police Department's website. From there, expand the Community Emergency Response Team dropdown for more information.